Sunday, August 6, 2023

2 week Update... Sew much to share!

I apologize for taking off last Sunday blogging with y'all but after a very busy week ... I was relaxing and remaining SEIZURE FREE since our last chat and I Praise the Lord for this blessing!

Above is a panel I bought recently... It will become a quilted cover or wall hanging for my sewing room/quilt cave :)

So since I missed last week... have an enjoyable cuppa closeby too ... lol!
Happy AUGUST!!!
I have sold all but 1 mystery box as of yesterday so I am advertising this original photo design to you guys only :)  Do you like mystery bundles?
If you are interested in this bundle above... I hope you leave me a message below with the word MYSTERY in it so I can chat with you via email :)

While I a may have needed last weekend off ... I have been over busy ... thus the skipped week blogging! lol  So here is some of what all we have been up to!

We visited my parents...    
Usually when we go to my parents Molly is a bit aggressive towards my dad and my dad just rolled with it and ignored her... well this visit no aggressiveness and she even snuggled with him for a while and I caught this pic!!!  YAY mom for catching this moment and alerting me!

Below is a bow and claw vintage secretary that has been in our family since before me (and I am the oldest child!)
We plan to give it a nice stripping sanding where needed and refinishing :)

You can see the scratches that happened on the table top that opens up below...
But the key I used to move from lock here to the  lock on the secretary over and over... I loved to hear the lock move for some reason! lol
Here is a very cool (my opinion) rose bunch I caught in a bud vase I harvested from a shot glass collection we have!
And here is that bunch in the little glass next to an empty magnetic box and a fun card I gave Rick for his birthday!  I loved this trio so much I took a vertical pic with a bit of a different angle for my phone lock screen!  Life IS  a gift!
Here are the curtains I put a lot of effort into and love how they turned out next... this coming week I will focus on the living room and man cave / media room too...
Here is the mancave / media room so far...
And here is a photo shoot with Molly after her great groom this last week!
I wasn't happy with the weight of my phone in it's case ... and it came with a attached screen with sounds nice but really isn't practical... also when cleaning it off be careful... I got a part pulled away from the edge... so I ordered screen protector and a newer lightweight but protective case and I love both items... plus with the case came this little adjustable phone holder!!!!
I love this little phone holder for  my sewing area... takes up very little of my overflowing space!

Now for my progress on the ...
For some reason when piecing the double star leg pieces... I ran out of the star leg squares so I had 2 strips needed... LOOK AT THIS!

I had one 1 3/4" strip and scrap left over  😊

So now I have all of the double star leg pieced, trimmed, and pressed... all the pieces are ready for laying out!!!  I hope to do this ... on the guest bed... this week :)  If I can be top secret about it!

I am truly enjoying this TOP SECRET project... however this week it will be all about valances for the house and my parents are visiting Thursday if the all turns out!
I had so many flippy corners with so little fabric I cut it off and placed all 550 + cut off squares in this trash bin with flair (it is a Longaberger little basket with lid I use for threads and such next to my sewing machine... but I wanted to see how much fabric I cut off so now YOU see too!
On to other quilty stuff

I am soo this way... are you ??? Ha Ha Ha!
Do you use glasses to thread a needle or do you lose your glass as in drink... I immediately thought of my glasses but maybe being singular it means drink... hmmm

Here was the previous weeks completion...
Here is a close  up of the whole area after a bit of a spritz to show off where I have been stitching normally a bit too besides the big stitch...
Here is the big stitch on the left inner border a bit more close...
This past week I finished the second block and rose...
Here is  a side view but it doesn't show the quilting as well as I had hoped....
I enlarged it... see if that helps! lol

I am linking this fun patchwork quilting post with Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts HERE for her Sunday Slow Stitching Crew... if you are interested in Cross Stitch too come visit her >>HERE << today... quilt top completed and will be returned to Connie... my bestie... she made this top super quick before our move to Kentucky to finish Granny Squares Quilt to adorn my beautiful Hinterberg frame my honey cut out from measurements and a kit of cogs and such!  Wowweee :)

I hope you each have a wonderful week... enjoy my new signature block I made this past week too!

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Roll - Roll - Roll the Quilt...

 Hi Y'all & Happy Sunday to ya!

I have had a roller coaster week with a cluster of seizures mixed in but the doctor ordered a new med for these clusters ... we tried it and it worked!  No seizures the day after and continuing since then!  I am have lots of JOYFUL MOMENTS due to this! 

How about you?  Do you have any joyful moments you would like to share?  

Please increase my joy by sharing in a comment at the end of this post!

Now during and since that time... as I don't machine piece during these times for safety of not running over my fingers or miss sewing and having to visit Jack fears! hahaha... I have been hand quilting!!!!  And I have rolled the quilt too..

Granny square close ups before rolling and a  long shot too...

Above is block #3 being worked on when I sat back down to the Granny Squares quilt of Connies' quilt...
Below is getting the 4th block ready to finish the very center big stitch after doing the "support stitching" in the rounds of granny square pieced blocks... didn't Connie do such a great job of point making!!!!  And she sewed the seams open on the back side so I can easy make the "support stitches" !!!!
Here is a long shot before rolling...

And below is the very top row of the quilt!!!  After I finish 1 more row of hand quilting the top of the 3rd row of Granny Quares on this quilt...
I plan on spending the day with my honey and hand quilting on the second part of row #3 the top of it :)

Linking this part of this post sharing my hand quilting progress to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday groupies... HERE<<<<  Come see what stitching mavens are there sharing pics of their work and a link to read more about those that interest you !!!  

Read on to see beautiful rose pics... and a special happening in our home this week!   And don't forget to leave a happy thought below before you leave!

Here is a current pic of the front of our Kentucky Farmhouse!
Above to the far left is a Rose of Sharon plant gifted to us by Theresa and Jack before leaving Murphy!  it has been a pot since then!!!  Now in the ground and getting used to it... it has started blooming... hopefully a close up of blooms next week on that plant... but to the right of that is a plant holder black metal trike!  In the back holder we have a rose bush in a nice large pot that holds a rose bush my honey gave me for Valentine's day in 2019!!!  We planted it then moved it to Murphy after a season of blooms!  Planted it there and now after a couple seasons of being planted and being happy it is now found it's home... at least for the moment and blooming like crazy... needs some Sevin dusting though to stop bugs from feeding off the leaves... anyone know about Sevin and application???   I will order this week :)
A bloom opening above and a bloom fully open below!
The plant and a bloom fully open... you can see the bug fed leaves now...
Our Kentucky Farmhouse!!!!
Molly settled in her fave bed in my sewing room with office while I type this and looking cute but ready for her upcoming grooming too! lol
Now for the happy moment in my week... my honey's birthday!!!
Here is a fam pic collage above and a special birthday card from Jack and Theresa and their pup Copper too!

Rick says he is forever 38 but this was the big 6-0!!!!  He tells jokes that begin "I have never heard of such and I am 38 years old!" ... lol
A thoughtful comment I found on Facebook this week in my short given perusal on social media this week...
Isn't this the truth for many!!!!
Here is a cool quilt... didn't see a pattern mentioned though ...
Look at the hand quilting....
As for me... I Choose JOY this week... and always!  Seizure free or not!  Please share a fab moment below...

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Welcome to a week of stitching & living! FABRIC/CRAFTING SALE INCLUDED!

 It is mid Joyful July!  Hard to believe it is already mid year wherever you live!

Here is a pic of my grand enjoying a drive in her kid friendly side by side thing with your pet turtle... no worries ... mom and dad supervise and she hand washes exceptionally well they say to avoid any salmonella or anything else until they have been transitioned to indoor turtles... they are doing research on turtles and caring for turtles... it is quite interesting from all my son shared with me!
Here is a pic I made up last night... I will have this printed and frame it and gift it to mom and dad sooner than later for them to enjoy!
Here is a pic I found.... it is quite profound... I guess I only show your the clean parts of our moving mess... we are now outta boxes and crates in the house COMPLETELY though now! lol
This is a Pinterest photo...
Here is the final version of that quilt bound and ready to gift from my close friend Denise :)
Here is a second version she cooked up next and will quilt and bind soon ... I plan to make one since she makes it look like no time consumption ... but it does take finesse to get these colors and positions just right...PLUS her mad sewing skills make these easy for her where all these little parts may be a challenge for others!  If you are interested in one like this but in your fave colors or one of these specific ones????  Leave a message on my blog ending comments section... I can hook you up with each other :)
Here is an awesomely fun and easy quilt I would LOVE to make.... after the curtains, new wallet, secret project and the granny square hand quilting finished and delivered.. whew... but in my off time I wanna start making these 9 patches... it is important for this setting to work I THINK... that your nine patches are the same in that they are scrappy or not all together and the light or the dark is prominent in the criss cross blocks... here they used mainly lights to be their criss cross... I like that ... then depending on the sice you make them cut your squares the same unfinished size as your nine patches.... andd flippy corners and  you have a snowball block from your leftovers of you fabrics pulled for the 9 patches... best kept this project in a small crate to hold your different fabrics.... then put a border on it and call it ready to layer and hand quilt!  Do you find quilts like this??? Simple and easy and need to make???

Don't y'all love this meme... this kid comes in sure his mom can fix his baseball right away! lol :)
I wish I had those kinda skills... do you?
As mentioned earlier... my room is clean except for these piles waiting to be claimed...  Are you interested in 1 of the 4 options?  They are $30 shipping included IN THE USA ONLY with secure Paypal invoicing you can pay with confidence your security of your payment method is safe... from me or anyone.  Also you have insurance you will get what you purchase... AND you don't have to have Paypal just a credit or debit card :)  Let me know if you wanna claim one ... first to claim means it is then unavailable as I only have 1 of each :)  Custom curated you may say! lol
I also have a small crate of crafting supplies... one you are a child you know or a scrapbooker like this lot??  This is also $30 with same buying as above... Price for any bundles INCLUDE SHIPPING in the USA :)
Hand stitching.... I finished the bottom of the tea kettle...
Now I am thinking I will use the X format I used on the base for the wiry handle but what stitches should I use for that top of the kettle knob do you think???  And do any of you have a design for the belly of the kettle?
My hand quilting has culminated in finishing block #3 on this row... there are 4 per row... so floral in between each block is next then on to block #4 then the border and ROLL!!!!
I got this pattern recently... I wanna make it for a gift for someone and if not too arduous a stitching ... I will make me one too!  I feel so blessed!  This would make me and my friend both happy :)
Linking all this handy fun to my friend Kathy at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching crew... these are some magnificent stitchers... please come take a  look HERE <<<< Feel free to link up you WIP or Finish :)
She has a fun slow loving donkey meme on her page today! hehe

I got a new band and a cover for the front of my new apple watch... This new band is MUCH more comfortable than the original one I purchased !
Y'all... I am loving this new smart watch... it interacts with my iPhone and reminds me to stand, be mindful, and encourages me to move about and exercise or get in steps... something fun... also it keeps a  check on my heartrate and my oxygen rate and warns me if they are off kilter or if I fall... since I have seizures intermittently still... I hope this will help if I fall during one.  I never liked my FitBit this much... Yes this was more expensive than the $45 I paid for the first watch... but I was ready for this watch and I have no idea all it will do yet!  I am just messing around and seeking vids when I can on that specific need at the time ... lol!

My honey turns a big milestone year for us... He will have outlived most all his large family and including cousins... before this  time... even his dad... so I ordered him new pill boxes because his old ones were worn out! lol... so the ones on the left came in ... all the supplements and meds he takes daily won't fit completly in those boxes so I reordered what I thought would be a larger size... they are HUGE... much bigger than he needs... see the difference below???  I keep mine in a daily dose pack for the week.. no issues with mine.. it was replaced last year lol!  But his is now fixed up I guess... any more supplements you have to recommend??? 🤣
I hope you each have a fab day... thanks for making it this far... if you mention the discount word in THIS EMAIL <<<. You will get a $5 discount off the $30 flat fee for the box of the 5 options you may like to be delivered in the USA only .
Special Discount Code Word... Winner :)

Have a fantastic week and make time for a bit of pondering your life situations with some slow stitching time :)

2 week Update... Sew much to share!

I apologize for taking off last Sunday blogging with y'all but after a very busy week ... I was relaxing and remaining SEIZURE FREE sinc...