So much to share and HAPPY FEBRUARY!

 I love the month of February... the month of love...

 the shortest month throughout the year...

And even Ground Hog Day occurs in February :)  

What do you think... 6 more weeks or a LIFETIME left to quilt???

For me it is definitely a lifetime of quilting and creating not just 6 weeks!  I hope not as messily as she is making them but making them none the less :D

I am ready to share some pics from my sewing room if you would like to see...

The corner shelves are cleared out and reorganized...
The wall shelves right of my Singer 319 sewing machine are just a display and where I used to organize books and things... those are all packed so decor and fabric is all that remains here...
Here is how I organize most anything much less than a fat quarter.... by color as you can see :)
And here is the closet that was bulging at the seams and now is nice neat and fairly organized...
a peak off to the left with shelves my honey built for me out of this regular closet when we arrived...
and to the left....
My ironing board and cutting table sit on this cool old table we got for FREE when we went to buy something else and it was left over...
And this little pile is the last 20 of the fusion quilt squares waiting to be sewn and turned and stitched close by hand then marked and quilted !!!
All but the quilting must wait for more of this color thread by Aurifil I ordered this past week... so happy to get that :)

As for the rest of the fusion quilt progress...
Last week of this same bunch I had 5 done.... this Sunday I have 5 left to do!  This will be my slow stitching project too :)  I will spend a good part of the day with needle and thimble and thick thread doing the buttonhole stitch around these :)  My honey has configured me a desk top to work on these and other projects while I watch a movie on Netflix or watch a video on youtube... or read one of your blog posts.... a table made of luan...
I wrapped the brown flecked black cotton fabric around the main piece... I hope to learn to use just the one board... but for now I am using both though with all blocks to keep track of :)

Other Hand-EE work I have been up to is sorting and organizing fabrics by genre.... here are all my definitely 1800's type reproduction fabrics and some bits too...
They were in 3 overfull containers stuck in the closet in a stack... now they grace the bookshelves I shared above as well organized and FUN to look at :)

So when it came time to organize my plaid fabrics for upcoming quilt ideas... 95% of these were gifted so I want to take really good care of them....
I was able to get them into 3 other containers.... no boxes :D
These are printed plaid fabrics not woven plaids like above ones... so these will go in with my other fabrics or scraps.
This got finished this week... with our hand to mouth problems :)  YUMMY!
Now... take time to look at the big stitching done on this pillow!  I love it ๐Ÿ’–
Finally... this is my next corrugated paper ornament to make.... I ordered it this past week... it should be in this week sometime :)  My daughter needs some cheer in her life and she loves the red capped mushrooms :)  She even has a tattoo with a fun one on her arm!
Linking all this fun Hand-ee inspiration and progress to Kathy's Quilts and Slow Stitching Sunday Linky Party HERE <<<< Click that link and it will open a new window to see what's being posted today!

I love this clever pin cushion and if you google "The Crafty Quilter" you will find Julie's blog where this pin cushion tutorial is FREE!
I love baptist fans but they get boring to stitch in my estimation... but THIS BELOW is awesome to mix a heart middle with baptist fans all above is excellent.. I hope an all over like this makes it's way into my life... the quilt was featured on Missouri Star Quilt Company's Friday video and is from a pattern...
This Baby Yoda is from us to our sweet grandson Cameron... living with my oldest son and his wife in Indianapolis.  As a school project they are having family from across the US and challenging to send in Valentines from around the world even!  We shall see... but here is ours... his fave Star Wars character his mom says :)
My favorite way to extend my Colorstreet polish strips to 1 1/2 weeks to 2 or 2 1/2 weeks between changes !!!  Sporting Morganite Delight here.... Ive really enjoyed this color :)
IF you have Netflix ... try out more than 15 minutes of this movie.... the movie makes you laugh out loud and cry some too... but in the end you feel so good for having watched it!  Try it out and who doesn't love a good Melissa McCarthy flick anyway! lol
Finally... back to my motto for this year.... Do what brings you JOY!!!
Thanks for visiting... please leave a comment IF you made it this far... I'd love to hear what you liked while visiting!  Or how long you plan on quilting in your life as asked above!  

A GREAT Eagle shot caught by someone in a group I'm in for the Carolina's... isn't he majestic for our country's mascot ??!!!!
Here's to y'all...  thanks for reading! If you have a problem leaving a message on blogger click HERE to leave me a direct email ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Your organizing looks great! It's so nice to get rid of boxes. You are really making progress with the fusion quilt blocks, I can't wait to see this quilt finished. The new paper cross stitching looks so cute and so does the baby Yoda card. Have good week with lots of happy stitching!

  2. Your sewing room looks fabulous. Everything has a place. Love all those trims sitting tidily in the cupboard. The fusion quilt will be wonderful when all those squares are crocheted together.

  3. Happy February! I'm very impressed with all your organising skills I really need to try and do the same. The fusion quilt is going to be beautiful.

  4. I like the way you organized the fabric that is too small to card. I don't have as much as you do, but it has given me an idea as to how to organize what I have. Your closet looks so organized. I am jealous. I like your cute mushroom project. I will enjoy watching you work on it.

  5. last week I couldn't leave a comment let's see if I can this week. I really like that pillow you made. I like Melissa McCarthy so will look for the movie

  6. Your sewing room looks amazing!

  7. Looks like you have done a great job organizing. I have come across that movie, I will have to watch it. Happy stitching!

  8. Looks like you are all organized. Pretty pillow and that little stitchery is cute. Your daughter will love it.

  9. Your sewing room looks amazing. I love how you have it organized.

  10. You will have that cabin in tip top shape when you list it in March. Happy to finally have the chance to catch up with your blog. That fusion quilt will be lovely, what a great friend project!


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