Getting it DONE!

 Good morning and thanks for stopping by my little spot on the world wide web :)

Sew excited to share with you all .... all I have accomplished this week :)  Grab a cuppa and come on in for a bit!

First let me share about a special overnight delivery we received yesterday from my mom and dad!  They made and mailed us something very special then sent it via Fed Ex.... this caused us to receive the parcel the NEXT DAY!  What is this that has me sooo excited???!  

It arrived quietly in this beauiful box...
And when we opened the box very carefully to preserve the exterior and interior... we found my dad's original and secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies... 3 rounds of them in the oven too!  WOWEE!!!
This parcel of a box and layers of cookies weighed in over 2.5 pounds y'all!  me and my honey have been enjoying and we will in return send money to cover the shipping too!  They don't know that part but they live on a limited retirement income so we will make sure they feel thanked fully and renewed financially too!  We are soooo happy to have a bit of my mom and dad as we continue to pack up boxes and prep the house to sell.

Speaking of this... selling the cabin that is.... we probably will take our time and get everything just right until by early March doctor appointments are out of the way (I have 3) and the blooms are starting to pop in the yard to actually list this little cabin.... as all those interested in buying may be taking vacations to this area we will be ready!

Meanwhile this week I finished this...
Above is a finished Turtle Dove ornament waiting to be finished.... Below is the finished ornamental wall hanging (what I will use it for) or ornament...
I want to pack this so it doesn't get lost or bent ... this will be a last thing so I have it with my desk stuff for now and look at this accomplishment frequently and am sew excited to have cross stitch back in my bag of tricks :)

Also I have been working on blocks I shared last week for the Fusion Quilt I am making along with my friend Connie who is helping with the crochet!

Here are 4 that are done and dusted ready for Connie to do her thing to the outside edges...
Here is what the crocheted finish will look like...
Here is the crochet thread and needles I am using to complete this stitching of the applique or button hole stitching...
These chenille needles I found in my deep stash when I couldn't find the John James Chenille needles but these work as the shaft is as big or bigger than the thread it is carrying...
I am using a size 18 or the middle one in the packet above.  And a close up look at the chenille and the crochet thread below :)
And here is all the layers of this onion of a quilt I am making.... 80 blocks needed ... 40  done already and 15 to button hole stitch remain ... 
THEN I will have 1 more batch of nearly 20 to do this to again!  So stick with me as I keep other stuff mixed in too! :)

I have also started an undercover project that eventually will be hand quilted... I am cutting squares out for this pattern for my honey a birthday or just after that surprise quilt!  He requested one and doubt he will use it until next winter so no rush actually but can you tell I am excited about this????  Connie sent me this pattern this week...
Here is a close up of their quilt made with plaids.... this quilt will be made with tan fabric and 1800 reproduction fabrics!  Those are his fave and I have a stash that needs straightening up so I will hit both areas with cutting out this quilt ....
It will measure up to 60 x 72 with 80 blocks made....
That is a rough draft of my plan in my head... I do not plan on doing the hst outer border but instead this will give me room to add my own stitching on a tan plain border :)

Linking this fun Handy projects to my Sunday Stopover at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday group HERE <<<<< Come on over and see what everyone is up to hand work wise.... or join in the fun with your own accomplishments this week or even this month... this is just 2 days after today left in the month!  Wow that was fast!!!!

Rick and Molly 
A beautiful quilt Connie just finished binding for a client... she had this one long armed beautifully too!
Above was fresh outta the dryer... don't you wanna just snuggle up in it???

Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead my friends.... See ya Joyfully in February!


  1. Those cookies look delicious and they were fresh too, how lovely! The turtle dove ornament is so cute! I'm glad you've got it on the desk where you can see it. The new quilt for Rick looks very nice. Are you going to try to prep it now, before you move or will you wait until you're in the new house? Happy stitching!

  2. Such a pretty ornament! That strawberry quilt is also very pretty!

  3. Lovely ornament, and those cookies look delicious. I love working with plaids. Happy stitching and hope you have a great week~

  4. Cute ornament, delicious cookies and beautiful quilts. Have a nice week and happy stitching.

  5. You most certainly getting it all done, Kathi! Those strawberries make for a beautiful and cheery quilt.

  6. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorites. The turtle dove ornament looks great. I really like the new quilt you have planned for Rick. Enjoy your stitching!


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