Feeling Joyful and Productive in January 2023!

 Happy Sunday my friends!  Hope your week has been a great one and full of accomplishments and joyful events as well!

We have had a busy week here at the cabin...  my honey filled the dumpster in a 2 week time frame !!!  All by himself too !!!  He wouldn't let me help as he was afraid I'd get hurt or fall on the steep hill in our side yard... so I entertained myself keeping track of Molly and keeping the coffee flowing and the food available and ready at a moments notice for protein and energy for my honey :)
The dumpster folks were excellent if you live in the North Georgia or sw North Carolina area... they were prompt with drop off and pick up and clear about what was ok to use this dumpster for and what was not allowed.  So we have 1 load to go to our main dump of small appliances and things that didn't fit their requirements to still get rid of but we can do that anytime! lol

Since the pick up of the dumpster Rick and I have enjoyed catching up on rest and relaxation... nice not having to be at his beck and call right now for sure!!!!  Rick also started deep cleaning the back porch in prep for pressure washing it!  The man is a machine for prepping this cabin for sale.... just look at this....
As for me... I wasn't sitting on my laurels even though my first priority was the needs of my honey and our pup! lol

Last Sunday between slow stitching I finished the wallet and have given it a good test run this week running errands and such and I love it!!!!

The wallet was a fun make even though I forget parts and have to remind myself from the directions and vids how to do certain parts...  The corduroy and the fun quilting cotton I used on the outside of the wallet is awesome... This is my 5th time make this wallet wristlet... and this my be my fave... if not the butterfly one I made my mom is :)  At any rate... the last one has been retired and the purse/wallet factory has been packed up for any more purse making in this cabin.... Hurrah!

So what have I really spent my time on this week???  Trying to get a handle on finishing my portion of the fusion blocks while Connie is still in a generous mood to finish the outer rings of crochet on each one of the 40 left.

Here are 20 squares I am sewing together with batting centers.... I have turned the ones in the bottom left and they are waiting to be stitched shut....
Like this one I am sharing on the right!  Next I go back and make water soluble marks on the top side of each block and will machine quilt them...
So now the 20 look like this....
Next I mark 20 little lines on each side to mark where the buttonhole stitch will go in the crochet cotton using a chenille #18-#22 needles to hand stitch those.... These butthole stitches or applique stitches will give Connie EXACTLY the right number of base stitches to do the crochet as in the first picture of these blocks in this post :)
I am very happy to the 20 to this point.  This and my cross stitch work will be my focus on this Slow Stitching Sunday... Here is the progress on the corrugated paper cross stitch project. 
So whatever your cute hands are working on today come on over to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitchers and share what you are up to in 1 photo or from your blog or Instagram :)

Above is Colorstreet's Morganite Delight!  I really enjoy the strength Colorstreet nail polish strips give my fingernails and it lasts 2 weeks or longer unless I get tired of the color!  Do you wear nail polish... have you ever tried the strips instead of the traditional polish???

Have a stellar week ahead!


  1. The two of you have been more than a little busy. I like your wallet and I look forward to seeing how those squares are going to come together with the crochet. What are you making with them? Enjoy your stitching!

  2. Rick has done a wonderful job with the cabin, she's a beauty! I never wear fingernail polish, I don't have the patience to keep it up. I do my toenails in the summer though when I'm wearing sandals. I'm looking forward to the day when the fusion quilt is completed, I'm really curious to see what this looks like. Happy cross stitching today!

  3. Wow! What a difference on your porch! Looks great.

  4. I have a friend who uses the strips and her nails always look beautiful!
    Enjoy your hand stitching today with your pretty nails!

  5. Looks like ya'll are staying very busy at the cabin. Your porch looks amazing. What a darling cross stitch project you are working on as well. I hope your day is a blessed one.

  6. Looks like the cleanup is going great and your porch does look amazing. Great projects you are working on. I get my nails done. I have tried the strips, but I am a klutz at getting them applied right, and it only lasts a couple of days. Happy stitching!

  7. I love your quotation at the beginning of your post! Ah! Your “honey” sounds like a good person!
    Lovely cabin!
    Beautiful wallet! I love how you laid out your photos!
    I’ve seen quilt blocks finished with crochet…which I hope to make one day…so many projects, so little time. Sigh…😊
    Love the glitter nail strips!


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